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The Zimmermann Sport Brake Disc was developed as a result of experience of brake discs in series-production vehicles in connection with racing. The brake system is optimised by combining high-quality cast materials with a perforated braking surface.


Rear Rotors Zimmermann 286x12mm 8J0615601

CAD $ 60.00

Rear Rotors Zimmermann 310x22mm 8J0615601A

CAD $ 80.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 340x30mm 8J0615301G

CAD $ 115.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 345x29.5mm 8K0615301M

CAD $ 99.00

Rear Rotors Zimmermann 300x22mm 8E0615601R

CAD $ 69.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 345x30mm 8E0615301T

CAD $ 125.00

Rear Discs Zimmermann 350x28mm 4M0615601P

CAD $ 115.00

Rear Discs Zimmermann 358x28mm 7L8615601E

CAD $ 135.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 350mm 80A615301G

CAD $ 135.00

Rear Discs Zimmermann 300x12mm 3Q0615601

CAD $ 72.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 380x36mm 4H0615301AN

CAD $ 395.00

Rear Brake Rotors Zimmermann 335x22mm 4E0615601L

CAD $ 90.00

Rear Discs Zimmermann 310x22mm 4E0615601K

CAD $ 68.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann 360x34mm 4E0615301P

CAD $ 125.00

Front Rotor Zimmermann 323x30mm 4D0615301J

CAD $ 105.00

Front Rotors Zimmermann Coated 345x30 4G0615301AF

CAD $ 100.00