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Victor Reinz is an original-equipment manufacturer and replacement part supplier offering innovative sealing technologies of the highest quality that meet the high standards of OEM quality. Nearly all the familiar brands and models of automobile manufacturers worldwide are equipped with the professional sealing solutions from Dana in the areas of motors and exhaust.


Intake Manifold Gasket 079133074B

CAD $ 34.00

Front Crankshaft Seal 038103085E

CAD $ 7.50

Head Gasket 3 Hole 03L103383AS

CAD $ 65.00

Head Gasket 2 Hole 03L103383AR

CAD $ 65.00

Exhaust Manifold Gasket 03L253039B

CAD $ 7.50

Vacuum Pump Gasket 03L145215A

CAD $ 15.00

Valve Cover Gasket 03G103483D

CAD $ 21.00

Oil Filter Housing seal 07K115441

CAD $ 16.50

Brake Vacuum Pump Gasket 07K145215A

CAD $ 18.00

Intake Manifold Gasket 07K129717A

CAD $ 6.75

Timing Cover Seal N90041102

CAD $ 1.50

Side cover seal 066109091A

CAD $ 5.00

Valve Cover Gasket 07K103483B

CAD $ 18.00

Intake Manifold Gasket 06K129717A

CAD $ 45.00

Valve Cover Gasket 2.0T FSI

CAD $ 15.25

Oil Filter Housing Gasket 2.0T

CAD $ 5.50