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ÜRO Parts brand, offers more than 4,000 high-quality spare parts for European vehicles. Many of the world's largest spare part distributors rely on ÜRO Parts because of its compelling combination of quality and competitive price.


Oil Pan Lower 07K103600A

CAD $ 56.00

Engine Oil Pan MK4 R32

CAD $ 175.00

Pcv Valve Breather Hose 2.0T FSI

CAD $ 18.00

Engine Oil Pan MK4 2.8L VR6 12V, 3.2 AFP, W/O HOLE)

CAD $ 159.00

Oil return Line 06B145735F

CAD $ 95.00

Fuel Pump Seal 109MM

CAD $ 14.25

Breather S Shape Hose

CAD $ 49.99