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ÜRO Parts brand, offers more than 4,000 high-quality spare parts for European vehicles. Many of the world's largest spare part distributors rely on ÜRO Parts because of its compelling combination of quality and competitive price.


Gas Cap W/Strap 4F0201550J

CAD $ 34.00

Valve Cover 03H103429L

CAD $ 198.00

Heater Fan Motor 7L0820021Q

CAD $ 200.00

Heater Control Temperature Sensor 4B0820539

CAD $ 21.00

Upper Spring Seat 1K0512149B

CAD $ 7.45

Oil Pan Lower 07K103600A

CAD $ 56.00

Engine Oil Pan MK4 R32

CAD $ 175.00

Pcv Valve Breather Hose 06F103221H

CAD $ 18.00

Engine Oil Pan MK4 2.8L VR6 12V, 3.2 AFP, W/O HOLE)

CAD $ 159.00

Oil return Line 06B145735F

CAD $ 95.00

Fuel Pump Seal 109MM

CAD $ 14.25

Oil Pan Steel Bottom 1.8T

CAD $ 138.00

Breather S Shape Hose

CAD $ 49.99