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TRW Automotive, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan was an American global supplier of automotive systems, modules and components to automotive original equipment manufacturers and related aftermarkets.


Front Caliper Guide Sleeve Kit 0014212586

CAD $ 10.50

Lower Right Front Control Arm TRW 8K0407152D

CAD $ 130.00

Lower Left Rear Control Arm TRW JTC1658

CAD $ 195.00

Lower Right Rear Control Arm TRW JTC1659

CAD $ 195.00

Caliper Carrier Right Rear 1K0615426L

CAD $ 70.00

Caliper Carrier Left Rear 1K0615425AC

CAD $ 70.00

Brake Master Cylinder TRW 4D0611021A

CAD $ 160.00

Rear Tie Rod Left/Right 8D0501530

CAD $ 87.00

Lower Left Front Control Arm TRW 8K0407151D

CAD $ 130.00

Rear Sway Bar End Link L/R 8E0505465AF

CAD $ 48.00

Rear Caliper Right 8E0615424H

CAD $ 130.00

Rear Caliper Left 8E0615423H

CAD $ 130.00

Brake Master Cylinder 8E0611021

CAD $ 130.00

Brake Booster 8E0612107J

CAD $ 250.00

Lower Front Control Arm Right/Left TRW 8E0407151R

CAD $ 115.00

Front Brake Pads TRW 4M0698151BD

CAD $ 225.00