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Rein Automotive

The Rein Automotive line of genuine OE-quality replacement parts may be the newest member of the CRP Automotive family of brands, but it has quickly made an impact in the automotive aftermarket industry. Meaning 'pure' in German, Rein Automotive has come to stand for quality and reliability for professional repair technicians and distributors across North America and beyond.

Rein Automotive

Coolant Hose Turbo 06B121497F

CAD $ 90.00

Dogbone Motor Mount 1K0199855BC

CAD $ 58.00

Coolant Hose 06D121057L

CAD $ 14.50

Coolant Hose 06F121057D

CAD $ 8.00

Coolant Hose 06D121058Q

CAD $ 9.00

Coolant Hose 06D121082B

CAD $ 8.25

Upper Rad Hose 8E0121101R

CAD $ 47.00

Heater Core Hose 8E1819373R

CAD $ 41.00

Coolant Hose 06D121101B

CAD $ 10.00

Engine Mount Left 8E0199379BH

CAD $ 110.00

Thermostat W/Housing 06E121111G

CAD $ 65.00

Radiator Hose Lower 8E0121049N

CAD $ 85.00

Radiator Hose Lower 8K0121055N

CAD $ 48.00

Oil Feed Line 06D145778C

CAD $ 132.00

Cv Boot Kit Outer 8J0498203

CAD $ 35.00

Front Wheel Bearing Kit 8L0498625B

CAD $ 78.00