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Pierburg is a development partner in the automotive industry working on the entire technology of EGR systems, valves, actuators and pumps for most cars and trucks in the world today. Within the KSPG Group, Pierburg is the specialist for emission control, air supply, throttle valves and solenoid valves. Pierburg offers high-technology solutions: on-demand controlled electric coolant pumps, DC-motor driven exhaust gas recirculation systems, divert-air valves, as well as the many different versions of drive modules. All these developments help to create an economically and ecologically balanced automobile.



Electric Secondary Cooling Pump 06H965561

CAD $ 258.00

Cam Adjusting Valve 03H906455

CAD $ 365.00

EGR Valve 03L131501F

CAD $ 310.00

Boost Pressure Valve N75 1K0906627A

CAD $ 62.00

Egr Combi Valve BRM 03G131502B

CAD $ 195.00

Auxiliary Water Pump 2.0T

CAD $ 225.00

Vacuum Pump 06H145100AD

CAD $ 360.00

Auxiliary Water Pump 1K0965561G

CAD $ 195.00

Vacuum Pump Pierburg 06D145100H

CAD $ 301.00

Waste Gate Control Valve 06F906283F

CAD $ 37.00

Diverter Valve 2.0T

CAD $ 78.00

Egr Combi Valve Left A4 A6 A8 S6 S8 Passat

CAD $ 114.00

Egr Combi Valve Right A6 S4 ALLROAD 2.7T

CAD $ 128.00

EGR Combi Valve A4 Passat 1.8T

CAD $ 157.00


CAD $ 350.00

Throttle Body MK4 BEW TDI

CAD $ 375.00