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The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. What does that really mean? It means that the part was made by a company that is a subcontractor to a vehicle manufacturer. It DOES NOT mean the part was made by the manufacturer. Some examples;

Most fuel parts on a VW are made by Bosch. This means that Bosch is the OEM for VW regardless of where you buy the Bosch part it is still OEM.
Hella is an OEM light supplier to many of the European vehicles.
Almost all remanufactured parts are OEM as the original part is rebuilt which does not change whom made the part.

It has long been a common missconception that only a vehicle dealership carries OEM parts. Though they would like you to beleive that, it is not the case.  Many if not most parts you get from a dealership you can also get elsewhere for less money made by the exact same company in a different box.



Specific 508.00 / 509.00 Engine Oil (0W-20) - 5 Liter

CAD $ 85.00

Specific 508.00 / 509.00 Engine Oil (0W-20) - 1 Liter

CAD $ 18.00

Clutch Release Pivot/ Ball Stud 02A141777B

CAD $ 11.00

O-Ring For Mass Air Sensor 357129625A

CAD $ 6.50

Front Rotors OEM 370x32mm 8J0615301K

CAD $ 600.00

Rear Rotors OEM 324x22mm 8E0615601AB

CAD $ 750.00

Air Filter Corteco 420133844D

CAD $ 87.30 -10 % CAD $ 97.00

Front Brake Rotors Genuine 365x34mm 8T0615301

CAD $ 780.00

Rear Brake Rotors OEM 356x32mm 420615601F

CAD $ 650.00

Front Brake Rotors OEM 365x34mm 420615301D

CAD $ 675.00

Air Filter Corteco 420133843B

CAD $ 82.80 -10 % CAD $ 92.00

Air Filter Corteco 4H0129620L

CAD $ 45.00 -10 % CAD $ 50.00

Transmission Filter Auto 09E325429

CAD $ 35.00

Transmission Filter 01L398429B

CAD $ 44.00

Cabin Filter Charcoal Corteco 4H0819439

CAD $ 40.50 -10 % CAD $ 45.00

Automatic Transmission Filter 01V398425

CAD $ 34.00