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OE Supplier

An OE Car Part refers to any car part fitted to a vehicle from production/factory. It stands for Original Equipment and refers to any part which was originally fitted to the vehicle.

As previously stated, the OE part is the same as ‘factory fitted part’ or ‘genuine part’. It won’t usually be manufactured by the car manufacturer themselves, but by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who are a manufacturer of original car parts; Bosch, Mahle, Delphi, TRW, Lucas, Valeo, Hella are all examples of OEM.

Since OE refers to original part it is often considered to be the best in terms of quality as one assumes the OE Part manufacturer must adhere to the original specification of the Vehicle Manufacturer.

OE Supplier

Radiator Fan Control Module 8E0959501AG

CAD $ 480.00

Breather Hose 06H103213J

CAD $ 115.00

Camshaft Seal 079109293C

CAD $ 4.50

Serpentine Belt Tensioner 06B903133E

CAD $ 76.50

Oil drain Plug N0160276

CAD $ 3.90

Horn Low Tone 95563502101

CAD $ 68.00

Oil Cooler Seal Kit 03L198070

CAD $ 19.50

Intake Manifold Potentiometer 03C907386E

CAD $ 75.00

Transmission DSG Filter 0B5325330A

CAD $ 20.00

Ignition Coil 077905115T

CAD $ 39.00

Fuel Filter 8E0201511J

CAD $ 55.00

Ignition Coil 06C905115M

CAD $ 49.00

Haldex Fluid G060175A2

CAD $ 35.00

Head Gasket 1 Hole 03L103383AQ

CAD $ 30.00

Transmission End Cap Seal 84.5mm 02M301211D

CAD $ 10.00

Glow Plug Control Module 038907281D

CAD $ 75.00