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Nissens is a market leading manufacturer of cooling components, cooling systems and cooling modules, and we are Delivering the Difference to the market by being the preferred supplier to the world’s leading OEMs in a large variety of industry segments.Our documented cooling expertise, comprehensive application know-how and proven track record enable us to design first-time-right solutions to our customers and create value through reliability, flexibility, sustainability and total cost of ownership.


Radiator Nissens 648x444mm 5K0121253F

CAD $ 185.00

A/C Condenser 3C0820411D

CAD $ 148.00

Radiator 650x460mm 1K0121251DP

CAD $ 230.00

A/C Compressor 5C0820803G

CAD $ 525.00

Radiator 5C0121251E

CAD $ 230.00

AC Compressor Nissens 1K0820808G

CAD $ 515.00

Radiator 5K0121251AA

CAD $ 291.50

A/C Condenser 1K0820411Q

CAD $ 145.00

A/C Receiver Drier 1K0298403A

CAD $ 31.50

A/C Compressor Nissens 1K0820859S

CAD $ 463.50

A/C Condenser Passat B5

CAD $ 164.50

Intercooler MK4 TDI BEW

CAD $ 389.99

A/C Condenser MK4 Golf Jetta TT

CAD $ 150.00