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For nearly 50 years, LuK has been supplying auto parts systems and components for the automotive drive train around the world. Founded in 1965, LuK's initial aim was to provide diaphragm spring clutches for the successor of the VW Beetle. Today every third new car rolls out from the production line with a LuK clutch. Research and Development have always had a high priority at LuK. With worldwide research and development centers, manufacturing plants and offices, the company is represented in all markets with extensive engineering and manufacturing capacity.


Front Wheel Bearing 85mm Luk 8S0498625A

CAD $ 129.00

Flywheel DMF Luk 06F105266AG

CAD $ 950.00

Clutch Kit Luk 240mm 03L141016N

CAD $ 420.00

Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley Roller 022145276F

CAD $ 35.00

Flywheel Dual Mass (DMF) 6 Spd M/T 03L105266DL

CAD $ 650.00

Clutch Kit Luk 240mm 022141015S

CAD $ 505.00

Flywheel DSG 03L105266DC

CAD $ 745.00

Flywheel Dual Mass DSG 03G105266CG

CAD $ 785.00

Dual Mass Flywheel 03L105266E

CAD $ 585.00

Clutch Release Bearing Kit Luk

CAD $ 50.00

Clutch Kit LUK 07K141015DX

CAD $ 415.00

Flywheel Dual Mass Luk 06F105266AB

CAD $ 575.00

Clutch Kit Luk 03L141015P

CAD $ 230.00

Flywheel Dual Mass 6 Speed 06F105266AC

CAD $ 699.99

Cam Follower 2.0 TSI

CAD $ 30.00

Flywheel Dual Mass (DMF) 6 speed M/T 240MM

CAD $ 728.00