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With its Lemforder brand, ZF is also the first choice for the aftermarket. More and more workshops place their trust in the premium products in OEM quality and benefit from our top-notch service.


Rear Sway Bar End Link 5Q0505465C

CAD $ 24.00

Tie Rod Inner Left Or Right 561423810

CAD $ 89.00

Control Arm Bushing Front Round 5C0407183A

CAD $ 18.00

Engine Mount 1K0199262AS

CAD $ 88.00

Subframe Mount Lower 1K0199867B

CAD $ 26.00

Strut Mount Front Lemforder 5Q0412331D

CAD $ 28.00

Strut Mount Front Lemforder

CAD $ 34.74

Tie Rod End Lemforder MK4 R32/TT Right

CAD $ 37.50

Tie Rod End Lemforder MK4 R32/TT Left

CAD $ 37.50

Control Arm Front Right Lemforder Sheet Metal Version

CAD $ 157.00

Control Arm Front Left Lemforder Sheet Metal Version

CAD $ 157.00

Tie Rod Inner 1K0423810A

CAD $ 37.00

Ball Joint Lemforder Right 1K0407366C

CAD $ 45.00

Ball Joint Lemforder Left 1K0407365C

CAD $ 45.00

Control Arm Rear Upper 5Q0505323C

CAD $ 35.00

Transmission Mount Left 1K0199555Q

CAD $ 77.50