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Hitachi Automotive Systems is one of the leading providers of auto parts and equipment in the American marketplace. Hitachi is engaged in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of automotive equipment, transportation related systems and components, as well as industrial machine systems and solutions. Hitachi, recognized around the world as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), offers a complete lineup of aftermarket auto parts and systems including electric power train systems, drive control systems, engine management systems, hi-performance products, rotating electrical and car information systems.


Mass Air Flow Sensor 059906461N

CAD $ 180.00

Mass Air Flow Sensor 2.0T

CAD $ 193.00

Mass Air Flow Sensor 2.0T FSI W/O Housing

CAD $ 205.00

Fuel Injector Hitachi RS4 B7 R8

CAD $ 125.00

Fuel Pump Hitachi 2.0T FSI

CAD $ 450.00

Mass Air Flow Sensor 2.8L V6

CAD $ 203.00

Mass Air Flow Sensor A4 B7 2.0T

CAD $ 240.00