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For more than 50 years HEPU® is known as leading manufacturer of high quality water pumps for motor vehicles. Wherever motors run and vehicles are used for mobility and transport, genuine HEPU® brand products are in demand.

Our accumulated know-how, comprehensive product quality, high supply reliability and close customer relations have made us the leading German producer of water pumps in the independent aftermarket. You will find HEPU® products at automotive specialists, workshops and repair centres all over the world.


Water Pump Assembly Metal 06H121026DD

CAD $ 310.00

Water Pump Hepu 06K121011C

CAD $ 99.00

Water Pump 06E121018AX

CAD $ 85.00

Timing Belt Kit W/Water Pump 03L109119E

CAD $ 365.00

Water Pump 03L121011PX

CAD $ 73.00

Timing Belt Kit W/Pump Hepu 04E109119FK

CAD $ 499.00

Cv Boot Kit Outer Front 1K0498203

CAD $ 20.50

Timing Belt Kit W/Water Pump Hepu 03L198119E

CAD $ 380.00

Water Pump Metal Impeller 03L121011G

CAD $ 61.00

Water Pump 045121011HX

CAD $ 75.00

Timing Belt Kit W/Water Pump Hepu 2.0T FSI

CAD $ 249.99

Water pump 4.2 V8

CAD $ 90.00

Timing Belt Kit W/Water Pump 078198479K

CAD $ 295.00

Water Pump 078121006A

CAD $ 72.00

Water Pump Assembly 050121010C

CAD $ 80.00

Timing Belt Kit Hepu A4/B5 Paasat 1.8T

CAD $ 295.00