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Hella - Technology with Vision

Light is essential to both seeing and being seen. Since vehicle lighting is so important to the safety of everyone on the road, HELLA develops innovative lighting systems that offer a high level of driving comfort while also providing optimum illumination of the road ahead. But that’s not all: Design is also an increasingly important factor. This is where LEDs truly come into their own, as they allow a whole new approach to vehicle design, enabling designers to create of brand-specific styles.


Temperature Sensor Blue 078919501B

CAD $ 21.00

Heater Blower Motor 7P0820021H

CAD $ 265.00 Sold Out

Reverse Switch 01E941521B

CAD $ 34.00

Throttle Pedal Assembly 7L0723507D

CAD $ 140.00

Xenon Headlight Control Unit 63126937223

CAD $ 300.00

Fog Light Right Front 5K0941700F

CAD $ 85.00

Fog Light Left Front 5K0941699F

CAD $ 85.00

Oil Level Sensor Hella 03C907660H

CAD $ 92.00

Throttle Pedal Assembly A/T 1K1723503AK

CAD $ 128.00

Hid Ballast 8K0941597E

CAD $ 245.00

Particulate Filter Sensor 076906051B

CAD $ 95.00

Throttle Pedal 1K1721503AS

CAD $ 205.00

Oil Level Sensor Hella 06E907660

CAD $ 99.99

Fog Light Assembly Right Hella MK5 GTI Jetta

CAD $ 88.00

Fog Light Assembly Left Hella MK5 GTI Jetta

CAD $ 88.00

Coolant Expansion Tank Touareg

CAD $ 118.00