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OE: Original Equipment:  This part is either made by the car manufacture or is made by an automotive part supplier and is branded with the car manufactures logo and/or in the car manufactures box.  

These are the parts that you get EXACTLY as if you are walking up to an authorized dealership and buying a part at the parts counter.


Nut M12x1.5 N90942902

CAD $ 3.15

Bolt M6X28 N91068001

CAD $ 3.25

Bolt M6X22 N10700202

CAD $ 0.60

Bolt M6x50 N10470705

CAD $ 1.50

Mount Bolt N10558002

CAD $ 3.90

Dogbone Motor Mount 1K0199855BF

CAD $ 76.00

Crank Bolt WHT001760

CAD $ 5.00

Brake Caliper Carrier Bolt N91084901

CAD $ 7.50

Radiator Cap 5Q0121321

CAD $ 33.00

Trunk Lock Actuator 8E5962115B

CAD $ 99.00

Trunk Latch Wagon 4B9827505N

CAD $ 118.00

Trunk Latch 8E5827505B

CAD $ 108.00

Horn Low Tone 8E0951221

CAD $ 125.00

Headlight Level Sensor 8E0941285J

CAD $ 250.00

Intermediate Steering Shaft 8K1419753H

CAD $ 645.00

Water Flange 06D121132C

CAD $ 22.00