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febi’s Car Division offers tested OE quality spare parts to fit all popular German, French, Italian, Swedish and Asian vehicle types. From steering, engine, brake, chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicle electrics – with a range featuring over 20,000 spare parts, you will always find exactly the part you need at febi.


Automatic Transmission Fluid Febi G055025A2

CAD $ 18.00

Wiper Transmission Front 8E1955603D

CAD $ 85.00

Rad Fan Motor Right 8E0959455N

CAD $ 140.00

Rad Fan Motor Left 8E0959455K

CAD $ 110.00

Engine Mount 8E0199339

CAD $ 7.50

Upper Strut Mount Front 8E0412377C

CAD $ 22.00

Lower Right Rear Control Arm Febi 8E0407694AL

CAD $ 105.00

Lower Left Rear Control Arm Febi 8E0407693AL

CAD $ 105.00

Lower Front Control Arm Right/Left Febi 8E0407151R

CAD $ 100.00

Coolant Bottle W/Shield 8K0121405P

CAD $ 57.00

Upper Strut Mount Rear Round 3C0513353C

CAD $ 28.00

Rear Sway Bar Bushing 18mm/20mm 8E0511327A

CAD $ 5.75

CV Boot Kit Outer 8T0498203

CAD $ 35.00

Rear Toe Rear Left/Right 1K0501529H

CAD $ 47.00

Sway Bar Busing Rear 18MM 1K0511327BA

CAD $ 11.00

Control Arm Lower Left Aluminum 7P0407151E

CAD $ 440.00