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febi’s Car Division offers tested OE quality spare parts to fit all popular German, French, Italian, Swedish and Asian vehicle types. From steering, engine, brake, chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicle electrics – with a range featuring over 20,000 spare parts, you will always find exactly the part you need at febi.


Nut M10 N10286102

CAD $ 0.55

Lower Right Front Control Arm Febi 8K0407152F

CAD $ 115.00

Lower Left Front Control Arm Febi 8K0407151F

CAD $ 115.00

Hex Bolt M12x1.5x78mm

CAD $ 4.25

Hex Bolt M8x26mm

CAD $ 1.25

Ball Joint Lock Plate 1J0407175B

CAD $ 3.25

Rear Rubber Mount 8D0505171

CAD $ 14.00

Lower Right Rear Control Arm Febi 8K0407694N

CAD $ 165.00

Lower Left Rear Control Arm Febi 8K0407693N

CAD $ 165.00

CV Axle Multi-Point Socket Head Bolt N90991102

CAD $ 1.75

Haldex Coupling Unit Oil 101171

CAD $ 42.00

Crankshaft Pulley 06A105263E

CAD $ 42.50

Cylinder Head Bolt 058103385B

CAD $ 3.00

Hazard Flasher Switch W/Relay 8D0941509H01C

CAD $ 47.50

Sway Bar End Link Right Rear 8D0505466

CAD $ 42.00

Heater Motor Resistor 8D0959263

CAD $ 28.00