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Behr Hella Service is the expert when it comes to engine cooling and vehicle air-conditioning. Behr Hella Service is a joint venture of the companies Behr and HELLA. It was founded in November 2005 in order to jointly serve the global independent aftermarket for vehicle air-conditioning and engine cooling.



A/C Hi/Low Pressure Switch 8D0959482B

CAD $ 65.00

Intercooler Left Side 8E0145805AA

CAD $ 195.00

A/C Pressure Sensor 3R0959126

CAD $ 55.00

A/C Compressor 8E0260805CB

CAD $ 600.00

Radiator Fan Motor Right Side 7L0959455G

CAD $ 425.00

Intercooler 3C0145805R

CAD $ 260.00

A/C Pressure Sensor 4H0959126B

CAD $ 62.00

Intercooler 1K0145803AE

CAD $ 375.00

Radiator Fan Motor 150W 295mm Right 1K0959455ES

CAD $ 180.00

Radiator Fan Left 220W 360MM 1K0959455EA

CAD $ 230.00

Behr Thermostat 2.0T TSI

CAD $ 63.50

Thermostat Assembly Behr 06F121111F

CAD $ 44.00

Coolant Expansion Tank 1K0121407A

CAD $ 27.00

Heater Blower Motor Without Electronic Regulation

CAD $ 133.50

Intercooler A3 TT Eos GTI Jetta 2.0T

CAD $ 242.00

Thermostat 87°C W/ O-Ring

CAD $ 25.00