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BBT Automotive Components GmbH produces and develops ignition cable sets, spark connectors, sensors and ignition coils for combustion engines. Besides a great variety in the field of ignition technology, BBT offers a wide range of sensors for the engine management and other electrical spare parts. The continuous assortment maintenance and expansion guarantees an always up-to-date delivery programme.

In the course of 2 decades, BBT has established itself as strong brand on the spare part market, featuring quality, competitiveness, competence and reliability.

BBT regularly provides customers with excellent expert service and detailed information about all our products. On-time deliveries and quality are always in the centre of attention in order to serve our customers’ demand.


Ignition Coil 06E905115F

CAD $ 39.00

Ignition Coil 07K905715G

CAD $ 40.00