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The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry, concerned with the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories, after the sale of the automobile by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to the consumer. The parts, accessories, etc. for sale may or may not be manufactured by the OEM.


Cabin Filter Charcoal 4E0819439A

CAD $ 40.00

Radiator 1C0121253A

CAD $ 135.00

Front Wiper Transmission 3C1955601

CAD $ 155.00

Power Steering Pump 5C0422152J

CAD $ 230.00

Rear Wiper Arm 5K6955707B

CAD $ 31.00

Rear Hatch Shock 5K6827550D

CAD $ 39.00

Rear Trunk Shock 1K9827550B

CAD $ 31.00

Oil Pump 038115105C

CAD $ 120.00

Shock Front Bump Stop 55mm 1K0412303F

CAD $ 12.50

Driveshaft Assembly Left Side SurTrack DSG 1K0407451QX

CAD $ 180.00

Driveshaft Assembly Right Side SurTrack DSG 1K0407764BX

CAD $ 180.00

Intercooler Hose 1K0145838AA

CAD $ 85.00

Turbo Oil Line 03L145771

CAD $ 72.00

Vacuum Pipe 1K0612041GQ

CAD $ 71.00

Turbo Boost Hose 3C0145838D

CAD $ 63.00

Radiator Quick Connect 6Q0122291E

CAD $ 5.00